Protect & Grow Your Wealth in Unprecedented Times

Our Mission

Debt is at an all-time high worldwide. Politicians are printing money like never before to service this debt. This leads to the largest transfer of wealth in the history of mankind.

Through years of research, Schlossberg&Co has developed mathematical algorithms that allow its clients to benefit from this historical wealth transfer.

Our Office

Schifflände 22
8001 Zürich
+41 44 586 30 60

Leadership Team

Schlossberg&Co is backed by a team of world-class financial experts and the best technology talent. Our talented team of financial experts, software engineers and data scientists have previously worked at such companies as Credit Suisse, UBS, Julius Bär and HSBC.

David Bühlmann Chief Executive
David holds a M.Sc. in Finance from Cass Business School in London and a B.A. degree in Business from University of Saint Gallen. David worked in different capacities at Deutsche Bank, Julius Bär and HSBC in Zürich, Singapore and Hong Kong before founding Schlossberg&Co.
Serge Birri Chief Investment
Serge holds both a M.Sc. in Quantitative Finance and a M.Sc. in Computational Science and Engineering from ETH Zürich. Serge worked in different capacities for Credit Suisse and Swiss Life. He is leading the algorithmic investment initiatives at Schlossberg&Co.
Pascal Hügli Chief Research
Pascal holds a B.A. in Political Science specializing in Political Economics and Political Philosophy. Pascal has been devoting his intellectual career to finance, economics and blockchain technology and is an invaluable asset for Schlossberg&Co’s research team.
Andy Heilmann Chief Finance
Andy is a certified federal fiduciary expert with extensive work experience. He was a partner at Swisspartners Investment Network for more than six years. At Schlossberg&Co Andy is an invaluable asset for our clients when it comes to structuring complex wealth.