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Unprecedented monetary policies around the globe lead to the largest transfer of wealth in the history of mankind. Help us make the best out of it.

How We Work

We believe that access to sophisticated financial advice is a fundamental human right. Our mission is to make sure everyone has the opportunity to exercise that right by making the most sophisticated financial products.

We work collaboratively to build the best possible experience for our clients. You will not find meeting-packed days or red tape, and we do not over-engineer our product or processes. Everyone is a maker, and we take things from start to finish quickly.

We are committed to building an environment, where everyone can be themselves and know their voices will be heard. We do not accept the status quo. We go above and beyond and encourage each other to do the best work of our lives.

Our Culture

The unique success of Schlossberg&Co is the result of our unique culture. We expect people to be completely open. To achieve excellent results, we set ambitious goals and apply our understanding of how the world works to achieve them. We constantly strive together for truth and excellence. This enables us to build meaningful work and relationships with our clients, partners and colleagues.

Our Why


We at Schlossberg&Co consistently challenge the status quo at its core to identify our purpose. Most organisations ask “How” and “What” but fail to ask “Why”. For us at Schlossberg&Co the “Why” is indispensable for our success.

Our Mission is to allow our clients to benefit from the greatest wealth transfer in human history through our sophisticated mathematical algorithms.

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