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Schlossberg&Co is a Swiss Wealth Manager. We have developed sophisticated machine learning based algorithms that protect & grow your wealth in the unprecedented times we live in.

Our 3 Building Blocks


protects your wealth against negative interest rates and inflation by investing in development bank bonds backed by governments



takes advantage of inflation and grows your wealth by investing in rare assets



takes advantage of economic progress and grows your wealth by investing in innovative, technology-driven companies


Your Decision Impacts Your Financial Future

Cash vs. Pension vs. Schlossberg&Co
Schlossberg&Co Pension Fund Cash

Cash: Actual Inflation & Negative Interest in CHF / Pension Fund: Pictet LPP60 Pension Fund Index / Schlossberg&Co: 25% Protect, 35% Collect and 40% Impact

Our proprietary algorithms are based on the latest technology and have successfully managed past crisis. They continuously optimize our clients’ allocation through different market environments.

Sophisticated Risk Management for Ever More Nervous Financial Markets

Schlossberg&Co Pictet LPP60 Pension Fund Index

Digital, Holistic but still Human

We offer the most advanced digital wealth portal. All your assets in one place — even assets you do not hold with us. In addition, your personal Schlossberg&Co advisor is at your service.

Digital, Holistic but still Human Digital, Holistic but still Human
We Keep Your Wealth Safe

We Keep Your Wealth Safe

Your security and trust is of utmost importance to us. We are committed to protecting your account with the highest standards of security available.

  • Swiss Bank Account in Your Name
  • Bankruptcy and Deposit Protection
  • State-of-the-Art Security Measures
  • Swiss Regulated and Well Funded Company

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